Striped History

stripey socks

I’m embarrassed to say how long this pair of socks took me. Long enough that I don’t dye this base yarn anymore and I honestly have no clue what a few of the colorways are! It’s definitely been over five years, maybe 7? 8? I don’t even remember why I had these scraps to begin with.

Up until I excavated these, I was sure I had abandoned them because there were so many ends to weave in. But, it was cold here in Portland, and I needed more wool socks. So I dug them out only to find…there were 4 ends to weave in. facepalm

Needless to say, I wove in those last four ends and put them on. Unfortunately I need to darn them, as I caught one of them on the corner of a grate in the floor at work and tore it.

What tickles me about this is that it’s like looking at layers of sediment or archeological sites. It’s a little album of PRS history. It’s interesting, though to look at these and realize how much has changed for me since then. I went from doing this full time, thinking I wanted to grow the business, to becoming a Pilates teacher and realizing I wanted to stay small. I’m very happy with both of those choices.

What has been taking the most of my attention lately is my trying to launch my art career. I’m making solid work after over ten years of basically a hiatus, and it feels good. But I’m in my mid thirties now, and I want to make money. So I’m doing my research, figuring out my branding, and really trying to approach it seriously like a business. I’ve started a blog specifically for my art; there’s only one post at the moment, but I have lots more planned. If you’re interested, it’s I’m also over on Instagram as @kristamccurdy , Facebook @kristamccurdyartist, Pinterest as Krista McCurdy (notice a theme here?) and on Etsy as PigeonsOnTheRoof. 

Ravelry project page here.



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