FO: Maine Mitts

A short while back I bought a skein of Artisan HERON by Zealand, a rare impulse by for me. I was doing last minute Xmas shopping when I stumbled upon Close Knit, a beautiful semi local yarn store. (I still haven’t visited all the yarn stores Portland has to offer.) I’m not really a yellow person, but that mustard color was hard to resist. And the yarn is so soft and warm!

I had the vague idea of mitts when I bought it, and while looking through my patterns I came across the Maine Mitts by Carrie Bostick Hoge, part of the collection Swoon Maine.  It was the perfect pattern. Easy to knit, I cast them on during one of the (apparently) rare snowstorms we’ve been having. Only change was accidental, and that was on the ribbing; I did knit, purl two every round instead of the garter rib specified. I like the result, though.

They’re incredibly warm, although they’re starting to get a bit stretched out (I may have to dampen them and toss them in the dryer for a minute), and have been perfect for the literally freezing weather we’ve had.

About the yarn– I love it, but it got so twisty while knitting it; I kept having to stop to try to untwist it. It’s 2 plies going the same way, so acts as a single.

Ravelry Project Page



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