Every week I will post images from my worktable as it goes through various states

We all see them, on Instagram, on Pinterest…beautiful artists’ studios, looking so tidy and elegantly productive. I’ve got multiple ones pinned onto my board to live/work/surroundmyself. The reality? Maybe there are some artists who actually keep their studio looking like that…and have beautiful houses and such that house their studio. You know, with white painted floors and loads of wall space and endless light. But for the rest? Yeah, no.

Granted, I’m not really making any money off my artwork right now, so dedicating as much space to it as I do Pigeonroof Studios isn’t practical…or possible. Also, I’m not a painter, or at least I’m not currently painting.

The main medium I work with is collage. Which requires a LOT of small pieces of paper, and I save almost every scrap of the remainder if I only use part of something. Although I use some ephemera in my work, the majority of what I work with are images and text I make, or, rather, print.

I don’t have a fancy studio. I have an IKEA wooden table that I use as a desk and a small surface in my garage that I print at. I tend to work fairly small, so it works. I’ve become fascinated, though, by how my worktable looks on different days, depending on what I’ve been making, and I’ve been documenting that on Instagram. (This week probably not though, since my phone fell in the toilet last night and I’m waiting on a new one to come. Always buy insurance for your phones, folks!) I will put them here on the blog, too. It’s reality.


2 thoughts on “Workspaces

  1. Good timing on this post. I’m cleaning/purging my art space now. Too messy to create in. THAT is reality-no way will it stay “perfect”-ever. 😊

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