Hats: Kami wip

Processed with VSCO with 9 preset

Now that I live in Portland, OR, I usually actually need to wear a hat when I step outside. (or inside, as the case may be, when our house had no heat for a week.) This is new to me; although it’s not eternal sunshine and balmy weather in the SF Bay Area, it never gets cold enough to need hat and scarf and gloves and multiple layers. Compared to other parts of the country, I know we’re pretty well off here temp wise, but we did have a snowstorm last week.

As a knitter, that makes me pretty happy. Although also annoyed that I’m not a faster knitter. I can’t find my purple Kami hat, which is was I’ve been wearing whenever I needed a hat since I made it. I knit another one, in my favorite yarn, Lang Yak. I wish it was easier to get in this country. I haven’t taken a photo of it yet though.

I also started another Kami hat in some deep stash yarn: Baby Alpaca Naturbelassen, shown above. It’s a great yarn to knit with; apparently it’s been discontinued but they’ve replaced it with Alpaca Queen….which is pretty much the same yarn. Just easier to pronounce.

However, I usually have 2 problems with hats :
1. They are too big. I have a small head. I’ve learned this the hard way.
2. The brim starts to ride down my forehead as I’m wearing it, driving me crazy. But I need it to cover my ears. Underneath a hooded jacket is even worse.

I think this one will be fine size wise, and hopefully a snug fit will help with the second problem. Several lovely people on Instagram, however, gave me good recommendations for hat patterns/styles that might do the trick. What almost everyone seems to agree on though, is a turn-up brim.

I might  become a hat factory. They’re such satisfying and quick (depending on gauge and complexity) knits.

Side note: I’ve started a second Instagram profile for my art stuff: @pigeons_on_the_roof


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