Big Cartel Shop Closeout Sale

(top: Silken Sock in Cool Lavender. bottom: Silken Sock in Tarnished (light)

Pigeonroof Studios is moving to a new website! One that has a lot more features and options than what I am able to offer in the Big Cartel site. You will be able to buy actual (virtual) gift cards. Real time carrier-based shipping will calculate shipping costs to your specific zip code, province, or country, and offer you several shipping options. You will be able to see colourways even when they are sold out. This will be happening soon…but before I switch the domain and close the Big Cartel shop, I’m having a closeout sale of all the items I have not moved to the new website.

Discount details:

CLOSEOUTSALE discount code gets you 25% off all your purchases, even if you just buy one. But if you purchase more than one item, CLOSEOUTSALE2 gets you 30% off the total. You cannot use both codes for one transaction.

This is good through April 11th.

Shop Update: introducing the GLOW series colourways

luminosity glow grid

In December, before I left for our holidays in Kentucky, I started experimenting with some new colourways. One of the things that constantly– and pleasantly– surprises me is how I can keep discovering new ways to put colour onto yarn even though I’ve been doing this for seven years. It’s almost like magic, how I’ll be working along for months as usual, and then suddenly, without any warning, I take a massive leap forward in this craft.

This is a good thing, because I’m realizing that I really need to dye new colourways on a constant basis to keep my interest– the creative side of this business is what drives me, not the production side.

So I’d like to introduce a new series of colourways, only available on yarn, that I’m calling the GLOW series. I’ve tried to do it before, but I’ve finally really succeeded in coming up with a way to repeat colourways that have the same depth and complex colouring of the Luminosity Project yarns. They are actually quite similar– the GLOW series colours take just as long to dye as the Luminosity yarns, and use similar techniques– but I’ve managed to figure out how to create a recipe that I could follow again and again to achieve the same colour.

I’m really happy with the results. I keep looking at the skeins and thinking, really? I dyed those? The colours pictured above are just a sampling– I’ve come up with and still am coming up with lots of other colours.

On Wednesday, March 26th, at 10:30 a.m. PST, I will be updating the shop with yarns dyed in these new, repeatable colourways. Due to the time-consuming nature of the dye process– I’m not kidding when I say it takes at least four times, if not more, as long to dye as the other colourways I do— they do have a higher price point. It’s worth it though, believe me!

I’ll have yarn in High Twist sock, American Twist worsted, and American Twist sport. See you (virtually) there!


Luminosity Fibre Club Sign Ups!

The next round of the Luminosity Spinning Fibre club is coming up for membership purchase! For those new, the Luminosity Spinning Fibre club runs for three months– in this case, April through June– and each month you receive 4 oz of a luxury silk blend spinning fibre dyed in the Luminosity way. The Luminosity way of dyeing is a time-intensive, intricate process where layers up on layers of colour are added until the final desired result is achieved. There are only ever two or three braids for each colourway created, and they are completely non-repeatable. This means that only two or three people each receive the same colour (although each 4 oz are dyed individually)! It’s a truly unique club. Because of the time-intensive process, memberships are limited to only 25 for each round!

If you were in the previous round, and haven’t yet contacted me to renew if you would like to do so, do it soon! The remaining slots go up for purchase on March 16th at 7:00 p.m. PST.

For more details, visit the Pigeonroof Junkies post here.

The Americans.

American Twist Worsted

American Twist Worsted

I’m super excited to be adding a family of three yarns to the Pigeonroof Studios collection: all completely made in the U.S. Thanks to the U.S. military taking a renewed interest in wool and its fantastic properties, we now have super washing facilities on American Soil. Before now, the majority of superwash yarns were processed in China.

This means so much. It means that I can offer three great superwash merino yarns that were made in the U.S.– but, more importantly, I hope it means an uplift for the American wool industry.

The three yarns are American Twist worsted, American Twist Sport, and American sock. Twist worsted is a thick, sproingy, multi-plied yarn that really comes into its own when given a wash and a block. It may feel a bit stiff and cottony initially– but after washing and blocking it becomes the most beautiful sturdy velvet– the best way I can think to describe the fabric it makes. This is total sweater yarn– the stitch definition is fantastic.

American Twist Sport

American Twist Sport

American Twist Sport is a two-ply sport weight yarn– quite unusual, as I have not seen a two-ply sport weight before. The yarn has a slightly translucent quality about it, and, like the worsted, really loves a wash and a block to bring out its best qualities. Perfect for shawls and garments!

American Sock

American Sock

Last, but not least, American Sock. 400 yards of soft squishy goodness. It holds its own next to the other lovely sock yarns we all know and love.

Cecily Glowik Macdonald has designed the most fabulous pullover in American Twist worsted, Lakeside.

Lakeside(see what I mean about stitch definition?) I’ve been so crazy busy I haven’t had time to put the new yarns up in the shop yet, but I will be doing so slowly over the next few days– and there will be a special update coming soon. In the meantime, if you want to order any of these, just contact me! The colourway Cecily used is “Water”.



Swatching American Twist Sport in Celeste. It’s not every day you find a superwash merino sport weight yarn that is 2-ply in the same tight twist as other fingering weight 2-ply yarns! I’ve actually finished it and given it a little bath– it’s one of those yarns that the awesomeness really comes out after washing and blocking. I’m frantically dyeing to have a big yarn update soon!