In (very slow) progress

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In progress: Et Frais mitts by Alicia Plummer in American Sock in Rubine 2. The color is actually a little more old rose and not so pink in person. This yarn shows off stitch definition like crazy. Mitt has already been ripped out and started to be re-knit, since apparently I am incapable of knitting even a super simple stitch pattern without getting off row somehow.



FO: Framed Pullover

purplebamboosweater2This sweater languished for about a year until I picked it up recently…and discovered I only had to sew the neckband on and weave in ends. Instant gratification! It is the Framed Pullover by Hannah Fettig of Knitbot. Simple, easy pattern, and would have been enjoyable knitting if it weren’t for the damn yarn I chose to knit it with. I quite thoroughly detested the yarn by the end….hence the sweater languishing for about a year.


As you can see in the photo, the ribbing was pretty useless after I blocked the sweater. I used RYC Bamboo Soft which I actually think I purchased at Stitches something like five years ago. I think it was primarily the colour that attracted me. It was a complete pain in the ass to work with. Splitty as hell, slippery (dropped stitches are NOT fun to fix in this yarn), it got into tangles practically just by looking at the yarn…and did I mention splitty? Also…I think I knit one sleeve slightly shorter than the other.

This yarn also grows. I swear it grew like two inches while I wore it around one day.

It’s wearable, anyways, but we’ll see how much I wear it. Ravelry project paget  here.

DON’T FORGET: Luminosity Club memberships go on sale in the shop Saturday, July 19th, at 2 p.m. PST!

Next round of Luminosity Spinning Fibre club!

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 presetIt’s that time again! If you were in the previous round of the Luminosity Fibre club, and wish to renew, please contact me through the shop before Friday, July 18th. The remaining slots will go up for sale on the website Saturday, July 19th, at 2 p.m. PST.

Prices this round (they include shipping) are:
U.S. $95.00
Canada: $120
International: $130

Quick summary for those unfamiliar– the Luminosity spinning fibre club runs for 3 months. Membership is limited to only 25 slots. All shipments contain some silk blend of fibre, dyed in the Luminosity way, which is where layers upon layers of colour are added to the fibre until a truly unique and glowing colourway with amazing depth is achieved. There are only ever 2 or 3 4 oz bumps dyed together with the same colours (so members all get different colours per shipment, although same blend of fibre), and they are all unrepeatable, so they are truly special.

I hope those who were in the last round will join in for another one, and look forward to new members as well!

Looking Forward, Looking Back

love 90’s fashion. It’s my spiritual fashion home, and I desperately wish I hadn’t gotten rid of all my magazines when I left home at 17. I’ve managed to build up a small library again from ebay, amazon, etc., but if anyone has any Harper’s Bazaar or Vogue or Elle (especially Harper’s Bazaar) from the 90s that they would like to sell to a good home, please, please let me know!

It’s summer, but one can always dream of fall knitwear! These pages are from Harper’s Bazaar September 1998:

Kate Moss 1

I like the sparkly sweater in the first photo, but the kerchief totally brings to mind Walsh by Julie Hoover from Brooklyn Tweed’s Winter 14 collection:


Although I think it probably would work better on longer hair than mine right now…..


This sweater would be so easy to make, a simple top down raglan, with chunky yarn…looks like there is some nice shaping on it. I personally would make the sleeves longer…I love the look of short sleeve sweaters, but find that I never wear them in this climate.

Katemoss2A nice long wool tunic. Not sure I would have the patience to knit it, but I do love a good tunic!

Every year I promise that this year will be the one that I am fully equipped knitwear wise for fall and winter….and every year I fail. The wish is still there, though, so yet again I will say that I am going to totally be equipped with beautiful hand knits this winter!

Again, if anyone has fashion magazines from the 90s they would like to unload and/or sell…..remember me!


paperstackFor the last six years, running Pigeonroof Studios has been my full-time job. Now, it’s not. I have started teaching Pilates reformer classes in San Francisco three days a week, as well as being available one day a week at the studio I got my training at, and getting used to having a whole second career, having to commute to work, teaching classes for the first time (I’d mainly taught privates in my training), is….confusing. Nothing seems to be working together yet, although I’m sure I’ll settle into a groove soon. My time to dye has been at least halved, if not quartered as well.

I’m not going to stop dyeing yarn and fibre. My original intention was that both careers would support each other during down times, and that I would at least finally have a dependable income that would pay the major bills. I just need to get used to the new normal.

Also, I’ve re-opened an Etsy shop. I really do prefer selling through the website, but the fact of the matter is, a LOT of people are used to browsing for their spinning fibre and yarn on Etsy, and I want to be able to reach those customers. The majority of product is still going to be on the website, but I’m finding that the Etsy shop is really good for spinning fibre, one of a kind colours, grab bags, etc. I’ll probably also list other things, but those will most likely be doubles of what is already in the website.

Lots of changes. Additions. New schedules.


FO: Herbivore


The ubiquitous Herbivore, by Stephen West, whose patterns are never boring, and lately extremely entertaining to look at styling wise. It’s fun to see the passion for knitting and the passion for performance intersect…even if sometimes it leaves me scratching my head and thinking, “huh?”

Herbivore one

I really enjoyed knitting this, especially once I figured out what was going on construction-wise. This took me an embarrassingly long time, but that’s par for the course. Once I figured it out, it was smooth sailing. I used Pigeonroof Studios High Twist sock in the GLOW series colourway Lavendula.


I can see myself knitting another one, but perhaps in a heavier weight. It would make a good commuting project.

Ravelry project page here

Thanks for everyone who participated in the Memorial Day sale! I am working on getting everything shipped out.

My life suddenly has become– and will become even more so– really busy. It will be interesting to see how I wedge PRS into it. The reason for it is good, though– I finally received my Pilates teaching certification. (And wow, did I earn it. It will make for a really great cautionary article some day.) However, I am now going to be teaching at 3 different places– I’ve started teaching classes at a gym in SF, will be working at the studio down the street from my house, and I am still working, although only one day a week, at the studio I received my training at. It’s all good, and I am eager to finally be making some money, but it is going to make for an extremely full schedule!

Memorial Day Sale!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! Here in the U.S., Memorial Day means a long weekend for most of us….unless you are like me and my boyfriend and don’t work a 9-5. Then you just never have long weekends.

However, I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired and blah in the studio this last week or so, probably because I’ve been running around so much setting up the stage for jobs in my other line of work. So, at least today, I’m going to relax, continue to try to clean the explosion that is my office, knit, and spin.

And there is a sale going on in the shop! Use code MEMORIALDAY at checkout to receive 15% off all your purchases through Monday!

Happy Weekend! I’m off to get coffee….